Our Philosophy

At Work of Heart we believe that each and every child is unique and we provide an environment that fosters that child’s unique abilities. We provide programs designed to instill a love of learning for young children. We partner with parents when caring for children so that your child will embrace this environment and know that they will find kindness and joy here. We respect each child’s individuality and provide learning experiences that will capture their natural curiosity and interest.

Kids on BenchWe are passionate about our children at Work of Heart. You will see that exhibited in each teacher and in our involvement with childcare issues. That passion is also apparent in our desire to always go the extra mile for our children and their parents.

We enjoy being early childhood educators. Immersing children with learning opportunities in literacy, science, math, music, movement and culture rewards us every day. Children learn by involvement so we provide hands on learning experiences.

We recognize the importance of your child’s primary learning environment. Children in our program emerge with a confidence that comes from being in an affirming and respectful atmosphere.  Modeling kindness and character gives us the ability to leave a lasting legacy on this next generation. We are truly thankful for this experience.